Published September 7th, 2020

Since the beginning of the Software Engineering disciple back in the ’60s, developers have seen several revolutions in the way we build computer programs. First, it was just logic in the most basic form of electronic circuitry, with logic gates, relays, and other basic components, then…

After some years working as Software Engineer/Developer, we start noticing that no matter of the role, company, programming language or any other specific detail related to our work.

There is always a common factor and is our method to deal with any kind of problem, technical and non-technical, that defines…

JavaScript is in high demand nowadays, it’s become prevalent as it is possible to create applications on the full stack, back-end with Node.js, databases with a wide variety (like MongoDB or RethinkDB) and a even bigger range of options when it comes to the front-end (React, Angular, Vue, Ember, to…

Eduardo Pineda

Husband | geek | Flag of Costa Rica | react & angular | ITCR grad | software architect. home:, twitter:

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